ANNOUNCEMENT: SCAM ALERT - Caspian Digital Solutions
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There is an ONLINE SCAM rampant in Malaysia right now regarding a Job post. It is advertised on Facebook and Instagram with a link to WhatsApp. The WhatsApp message identifies a company that it is allegedly linked to, then directs the enquirer to make a payment to participate in this scheme.

If you have been involved with this scam, we ask that you save all documentation (screenshots, bank transfer slips) and make a police report immediately. Also contact MCMC through their complaint portal:

An additional step would be to go to back to these job posts and type “SCAM” on the comment section to help reduce the number of people being scammed in the future.

The rule of thumb is that if you have to pay to get paid, then you should be suspicious. No legitimate job would ask you to do such a thing. 

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