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5 mistakes to avoid for a successful Facebook campaign

With an enormous value of more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook should undeniably be a vital part of your marketing strategy. While there is a high possibility that you might find hundreds and thousands of potential customers who are interested in your products and services, the tricky part is how to do it the right way.

Some of the features of Facebook advertising are easy and straightforward while others require experiment and analysis before you can get it right. Here are some insights to help you avoid the common mistakes that Facebook ad beginners make. On the contrary, you might also be a veteran with some of these errors in your kitty. In either case, you do not need to worry. All the mistakes can be figured out and fixed to get the best results for your business.

Have you set clear goals?

It may seem really basic but most of the newbies are tempted to jump into a campaign without having a clear idea about their goal or objective. It is extremely important to identify your goal before you create campaigns or design ads.

Are you trying to spread brand awareness or build a relationship with your audience? Or do you want to boost sales of a particular product through your campaign?

Choose an objective and build your campaigns and ads around it. Having a clear vision, not only gives you a direction for your plans but also helps you create relevant ad copies for the campaigns. Facebook has different marketing objectives according to your goal pertaining to the buyer’s journey.  Once you choose an objective on Facebook and create a campaign, it cannot be changed.

Are you using a one-size-fits-all ad?

Targeting all the Facebook users with the same ads irrespective of their stage in the buyer’s journey is one of the biggest Ad beginner mistakes you can make. In simple words, the ads that you show to existing customers must be completely different from the ones you show to the potential customers who are new to your brand.

For instance, a customer who has already shopped on your site before is aware of your brand, its products and their benefits. All they need is a small nudge in the form of a promotional offer to push the items out of the cart.

On the contrary, you also have an audience who has no idea about your brand and hence will be more interested in knowing about your products and services, and the benefits in store for them. In this case, your ads should aim to educate the audience instead of trying to directly sell the products and turn them off.

Are you targeting the right audience?

Many of the Facebook advertisers try to reach a lot of people at the same time. It is necessary to understand that it is not only the quantity but also the quality of audience that determines the success rate of your campaign.

When you focus on a smaller audience who is more likely to be interested in your products and services, you can expect a higher rate of conversion. Facebook has unique targeting features which allow you to narrow down your target audience by choosing from a variety of interests, behaviour, demographics and more.

For example, if you are running an ad for a bridal gown shop in Kuala Lumpur, you can target women who have been recently engaged instead of targeting the entire female population of the place. Similarly, you can target your ads to an audience of a particular age group, location, education, hobbies, certain income level and more.

Is your Ad copy too confusing?

Do not cram too much of information in your Facebook Ad copy. Ads are all about conveying the most relevant content in a compelling and precise way. It is like a catchy headline which is used to draw the reader in.

Too many words on the ad copy can overwhelm the audience, forcing them to ignore the ad and move ahead. Remember, the description of the offer can always be explained on the landing page. Use the headline space wisely to present the most important piece of information that will attract your target audience.

Have checked your image text rating?

Facebook has come up with a better version of the 20% percent rule called image text ratings, which gauges the deliverability of your ad. The Image Text ratings are divided into Ok, Low, Medium and High.

You should mostly go with an ‘Ok’ rating as it means your ad will run without any problem. Whereas if you find a high or medium rating, it is time to have a second look at your ad copy and work on the ad design.

You can check the text image rating on the text overlay tool on Facebook. Exceptions may be granted in some cases, depending on the nature of the product being advertised.

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