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Rediscover the lost art of creating effective, impactful infographics that is bound to attract your target audience.

Infographics are all about simplifying complex subjects using the right visuals and text. As simple as it seems, the concept of infographics has evolved into a massive trend that garners the interest of marketers, brands, and social media, making it a compelling tool used by many. The trick, apart from putting together visuals and text, is to have your infographics effectively deliver the right message, gain attention of your target audience, and get them, ultimately to engage or share your little masterpieces. You may find yourself having a hard time keeping up with the growing relevance of infographics, so here are some ideas to keep you focussed and ultimately create infographics that your target audience would love.

  1. Befriend Your Audience

Figuratively, of course. The effort is often overlooked, causing content to overlap with other available infographics and making your work insignificant. By knowing what piques your audience’s interests, you could avoid generic information and focus on producing content that they would appreciate. You could do so by observing what people normally share on social media. As you monitor closely, you would notice that the evolution of social media has provided a huge leap in the growth of infographics, making it the best platform for information-sharing.

  1. Provide Focused & Reliable Content

Keeping your content focussed and packed with useful information on the topic helps in creating short and informative infographics. Your audience are able to immediately discover what they want to know, remember the information, and even share the infographics. To ensure your infographics are worth your audience’s time, avoid cramming information that they could go without. The last thing you’d want your infographics to do is confuse your audience. Also, remember to keep it short and simple – no one wants to go through a lengthy text just to find out how ‘Dogs are Better Pets Than Cats’. Credibility is one of the major factors that makes your infographics trustworthy and reliable. Make sure you dig deep into a topic before adding any data into your infographics. The process takes time, but it will be rewarding in the long run.

  1. Tone Them Down

Less is more. Colourful and intricate designs look great, but infographics are delicate visual representations of information that need more simplicity than complexity, so let’s keep it that way. Creatively designed infographics with organised and neat layouts help your audience digest information quickly and clearly. It is also best to avoid small and complicated fonts so your audience doesn’t have to squint to read the words. Using the right visuals in your infographics grabs your audience’s attention. Our minds work 60,000 times faster when processing visual information compared to contextual information. That being the case, always be creative with the visuals but keep the overall layout and design tidy.

 Write a Good Headline

Creating a viral title is just as important as getting your infographic facts right. Without the right title, your carefully-designed infographics will not get the attention they deserve.

A catchy headline should effectively tell your audience what the infographic is about, prompting them to read further and to share it with people.

 Keep It Going

Create infographics that last. If your audience view your infographic, get them to carry out the next step for you: sharing it with others. Try gaining immediate audience by placing your infographics on different types of platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Delicious, and Reddit. Statistics show that brand advertisements on Facebook with visuals gain more than 87% of engagements, whereas Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets and 18% more clicks compared to those without. Remember to add your branding onto the infographic as well. When it gets shared, your brand does too, thus giving your brand more eyeballs.

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