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Lead generation and lead nurturing

Irrespective of the industry or nature of products and services, lead generation is the foundation of success in every sales and marketing strategy. If you know when the client needs your products and services it becomes easier to contact them, pitch your idea, and eventually convert the lead into a paying customer. But would you believe that 79% of the leads generated never convert into sales? You have a carefully designed website, the landing page is perfect, call-to- actions are clear, contact forms are well placed and your products and services have been explained in a way that captures the interest of many. Then why aren’t most of your visitors converting into your customers? What holds them from making the right decision?

The value of lead generation

Lead generation is undoubtedly a critical part of the sales funnel but what is the process all about, and why is it so beneficial? Lead generation is a process of generating interest in your products and services, in order to attract potential customers into your sales funnel. Both inbound and outbound marketing strategies can be employed to generate the leads but it is important to know what suits your business requirements. Outbound marketing is an interruptive form of getting leads and not all customers might want to be approached in this way. It includes methods like cold-calling, radio, TV, direct marketing, billboards, print media and more. This kind of marketing requires a huge capital and is quite difficult to measure or track in terms of return on investment.

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Lead nurturing: A prerequisite to sales

Now that you have achieved your lead generation goals, what can you do to convert these leads into buyers? Should you hand them over to sales? Well, it is important to understand that all of your leads are in a different stage of the buying process and each of them needs to be handled according to their requirements. Have they recently got to know about your products and services? Are they considering your brand but are not sure of their needs? Or have they already made the comparisons and are ready to make the decision?

Wondering if your paid advertising plan is actually working ?

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