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"A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed." -- Ramsay Leimenstoll

Engagement marketing solutions.

Engagement marketing: What is it?

In a world where people are exposed to more than 4,000 ads per day, consumers have automatically learnt to ignore most of it. At the end of the day, you might hardly remember an average of two to three of the ads, or maybe even less. People don't like to be interrupted by unwanted messages and they block or ignore most of the paid advertisements. So, what should a marketer do to grab their attention? Every marketer in the digital age needs to cut through a lot of hustle and bustle in order to connect with its audience in a meaningful way. That is what engagement marketing is all about. It is a way of connecting with people through resourceful and creative content. It is this content that engages them and helps in building a long-lasting relationship that benefits both the parties.

Why does engagement marketing matter?

Did you know that 68% of customers leave a business because they think you don’t care about them? (Rockefeller Corporation) The mindset of customers has changed from being dependent on the salesperson to be an independent decision-maker. They want to hear your stories and connect with you at a personal level before making a decision to buy your product and services. That is the reason Amazon sends you personal recommendations after you buy one of their products online.

Engagement marketing matters
Key principles of engagement marketing

Key principles of engagement marketing

It is time to shift our marketing focus from communicating with the masses to connecting with an individual. Today’s consumer demands an interaction that sees them as individuals with their own needs and preferences. Hence, irrespective of the industry you are in, you need to tailor your marketing according to their stage in the buyer's journey. Base your communication on both demographics and behaviour of the customer. Studying the behaviour of the client will give you a clear picture of his interests. For example, if a customer is reading about diabetes on your company’s blog or has taken a survey about health, you can use the engagement marketing platform to send him more information about the same.

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