Digital Marketing
Consultation & Analysis


Which is why conducting a digital marketing audit is a great idea as it will help you work out where you stand and the best strategies to implement to take your business to the next level. It also allows you to analyse competitors' digital strategies in order to stay ahead of the curve.


  • Is your digital marketing strategy giving you the desired outcomes?
  • Do we know which areas of our marketing plan is working best?
  • How much should we be spending on campaigns in the first place?
  • How are we able to capture the right online audience for our brand/product?
  • How strong is your overall current digital status?


Healthcare & Aesthetics

Due to regulatory restrictions (KKLIU), it can be difficult to manoeuvre the pathway to using some strategies in digital marketing within this industry. Our campaign managers as well as the content team have worked with major publications in the past years (The Star, Malaysiakini, and The Malaysian Insider) and with such knowhow of MOH guidelines, we will be able to give you practical suggestions.

Automotive & Accessories

Trends in the automotive industry change quickly. What was in 3 months ago may not be interesting to a car buyer any more. We have consulted with companies on how to stay on top of the competition and still get people into showrooms. We also provide a customer journey model that maps the marketing activities with showroom visits or test drives. This way managers can track their ROI more efficiently for each campaign.


Early education centres, private schools, colleges and universities will find methods of meeting their yearly targets in terms of branding, marketing and admissions. We assist institutions to improve their ROI in terms of branding, generating quality leads, content and video marketing, and all engagement strategies, which will act as a bridge between marketing and admissions.

Property & Real Estate

Competition is high in this industry and with the direct economical factors affecting buyer decision, we assist property development companies to implement multi-channel approaches to generate brand trust, genuine leads, and fresh potential buyers/investors. We typically suggest tactics that remove the struggle with lead's low quality resulting in a higher value of marketing budget spent.

A confusing matrics of digital marketing

Expected Outcomes of This Audit

You will be able find out how to measure the KPIs of your digital marketing activities. If you have one, then you'll be able to analyse their efficiency and set proper expectations on delivery. Marketing managers can also gain insights on how to improve their digital marketing activities with minimal cost and run away from blaming budget constraints. In many cases CEOs and COOs find out where amongst the competition they stand, and receive knowledge on how they can tap further into using digital activities. Furthermore, our consultation is complementary and will help you in planning your strategies and budgets for 2019 and beyond.

A confusing matrics of digital marketing


Four major areas that will be looked into during the digital marketing audit.


A look at its relevance and how should it evolve to meet the next stage of goals.


A check of quality and distribution and your internal processes.


Analysis of the architecture of your website and how your internal processes are working to create the right outcomes.


Intepretation of your results. Where do you stand in terms of branding campaigns and site activity.

Digital marketing consultation


  • Your website and portal status.
  • Competitor analysis (up to 3 competitors).
  • Branding status.
  • Full SEO analysis and areas to improve.
  • Google marketing analysis.
  • Our social media marketing analysis.
  • Other technical suggestions from our team.

Get started

After filling the form, our consultants will go through a series of tests and analysis regarding your business and its objectives. The analysis will take from 3 to 5 working days due to backlog from many Malaysian companies. Once done, the audit will be presented to you. Please note that this is consultation report is completely free of charge for businesses having an existing HQ in Malaysia.

Fill in the form to place a request for a digital marketing audit of your business.
Special offer until October 31: Get your consultation done for free.

Fill in the form to place a request for a digital marketing audit of your business.
Special offer until October 31: Get your consultation done for free.